Chapter By-Laws

As amended February, 2001


A.1: Addition of a member to the roster and mailing list of the Chapter shall be by application and payment of the appropriate annual service fee to the Treasurer.

A.2: Addition of an individual in a fire-related field of interest ("NEC Member") to the mailing list of the Chapter shall be by application and payment of the appropriate annual service fee to the Treasurer.

A.3: Any member or other individual who does not submit a renewal application, with the appropriate service fee, within sixty (60) days of the final request shall be removed from the Chapter roster and/or mailing list.

A.4: The Secretary shall be responsible for maintaining a roster and mailing list. The Secretary shall also be responsible for mailing renewal applications and service fee requests at the beginning of the Chapter year. A second request shall be included with the meeting notice for the first meeting of the Chapter year. A follow-up notice may be sent at the discretion of the Board.

A.5: The grade of Honorary Chapter Member may be conferred upon any person of age 60 or over who has been a member of the Chapter for at least fifteen years, has rendered exceptional service to the Chapter, and has made a substantial contribution to the profession of fire protection engineering. In special circumstances, Honorary status may be conferred upon a person of acknowledged eminence in fire protection engineering or related sciences, regardless of age and regardless of his or her years of prior membership. A favorable report by the Board and a majority vote of the membership present at any Chapter meeting shall be necessary to elect a member to Honorary status.

A.6: Any member 60 years of age or over who has been a member of the Chapter for at least five years, upon written request to the Board and upon payment of an amount equal to three times the annual service fee, may apply to the Board for Life Membership.

A.7: The annual service fee shall be waived for student members of the Chapter.


B.1: The Board shall establish the policies of the Chapter and perform such other duties as may be required by the Constitution and Bylaws.

B.2: The Board shall act on the report of the Scholarship Committee by verifying that the provisions of this Constitution and its Bylaws have been met and by voting to accept or reject the report in its entirety. If the Board votes to accept the report, the Board shall present the report to the Chapter members at the Annual Meeting of the Chapter and shall ask the membership to vote to confirm the report. If the Board votes to reject the report, it shall do so only on the basis of the number of grants and/or their value and shall provide valid reasons for rejection.

The Board shall review and act on any revised report of the Scholarship Committee in like manner. If the Board rejects the revised report, then no grants shall be awarded that year and the grant monies shall be reinvested in the Scholarship Endowment Fund.

B.3: At the first meeting of the fiscal year, the Board shall provide the Scholarship Committee with a scholarship budget, as determined in Section C.8.


C.1: The assets of the Scholarship Endowment Fund shall be invested in at least four separate and diverse investment instruments allocated among at least two different institutions so as to protect the assets from adverse financial incident. No more than one-third of the assets of the Fund shall be placed in any one instrument. Investment shall be limited to secure financial instruments and conservative "no-load" mutual fund instruments, chosen so as to protect the assets of the Fund, yet provide reasonable growth and income.

C.2: Candidates for scholarship grants shall be solicited by the Scholarship Committee in a manner deemed appropriate by the Committee, subject to the constraints imposed by Section 11.3 of the Constitution.

C.3: Candidates for scholarship grants shall: (1) have demonstrated a sincere interest in pursuing a career in fire protection; (2) have graduated from a secondary school or are attending a college or university located in Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island or Vermont; (3) be registered as full-time students at an institution that has ABET-accredited curricula; and (4) shall be matriculating towards a Bachelor of Science or graduate degree in an engineering discipline.

C.4: Each scholarship grant shall be at least $1,000.00 and shall be free of any obligation on the part of the recipient. With the exception of grants derived from other sources in accordance with Section 11.3.7 of the Constitution, the primary and largest scholarship grant given each year shall be named the A. L. Brown Scholarship Grant, in honor of Arthur L. Brown, Charter member of the New England Chapter and long-time Chair of the Chapter's Education Committee. Other grants may be given to honor other individuals, as recommended by the Committee.

C.5: Scholarship grants shall be announced at the Annual Meeting of the Chapter. However, actual awarding of grants shall be made at the first meeting of the following Chapter Year. Before grants are awarded, the succeeding Scholarship Committee shall verify in writing, with the registrar of the institution(s), that recipients meet the criteria of Section C.3 of these Bylaws.

C.6: Any grant that is not awarded, regardless of reason, shall be returned to the Scholarship Endowment Fund.

C.7: An incumbent Scholarship Committee shall not make any commitments of any nature with regard to growth of the endowment, disbursements, or continued support to an individual student. Any repeat applicants shall be re-evaluated by the succeeding Scholarship Committee.

C.8: The maximum amount available for scholarships from the A.L. Brown Scholarship Fund shall be limited to five percent (5%) of the average Fund valuation, as determined on the last business day in May for each of the three preceding fiscal years. This amount may be augmented or replaced by other monies, including donations and other chapter funds, as determined by the Board. The Scholarship Committee is not required to recommend disbursement of all available monies from the Fund.


D.1: The President shall serve as" Ex-Officio" member of all committees.

D.2: The President shall sit as a Senator at the Senate meeting of the Society. If the President cannot attend and/or the First Vice-President cannot attend, then the President shall designate an alternate or alternates to represent the Chapter.

D.3: The First Vice-President shall sit as a Senator at the Senate meeting of the Society, if the Chapter membership exceeds fifty members at that time.

D.4: The First Vice-President shall serve as Chairperson of the Program Committee.

D.5: The First Vice-President shall, in the absence of the President, assume the duties and authority of the President. In the event of a vacancy in the office of President, he shall serve as President until the next regularly scheduled election. The First Vice-President shall also assume such other duties as are assigned to him by the Board.

D.6: The Second Vice-President shall serve as Chairperson of the Membership Committee and the Publications Committee.

D.7: In the event of a vacancy in the office of First Vice-President, the Second Vice-President shall serve as First Vice-President until the next regularly scheduled election. In the event of a vacancy in the office of Second Vice-President, the Board shall elect an Acting Second Vice-President to serve until the end of the Chapter Year or until a Second Vice-President is elected.

D.8: The Secretary shall maintain the Constitution and Bylaws of the Chapter.

D.9: The Treasurer shall receive all moneys for deposit, keep complete records of all transactions, collect payments and service fees, and maintain records thereof. He shall give bond in such amount as the Board shall name at the expense of the Chapter. He shall, within one month after the close of the Chapter Year, deliver to his successor all moneys, vouchers, books and papers, and a report covering the entire Chapter Year.

The Board may authorize the use of an outside agency, for a fee agreed upon by the Board, to collect fees and perform accounting services, but any withdrawal or disbursement of funds will remain the responsibility of the Treasurer.


E.1: Membership on committees, other than the Nominating, Scholarship, and Audit Committees, shall be at the discretion of the Chapter President. Committees shall assume the duties specified in the Bylaws and/or as assigned by the Board.

E.2: Only Chapter members shall chair committees.

E.3: Committee chairpersons shall appoint such additional members as needed to complete the task. Committee chairpersons are responsible for understanding Chapter goals and objectives as stated in the Long-Range Plan and shall direct their Committee's work so as to achieve those goals and objectives.

E.4: Committees shall report on their activities at the Board and Chapter meetings, at the request of the President.

E.5: The following Standing Committees are established:

E.5.1: PROGRAM COMMITTEE: This Committee shall recommend appropriate topics for meetings and shall organize field trips. It shall procure qualified speakers for presentation of subjects and information on or allied to fire protection. This Committee shall arrange all details of meetings and Chapter activities (such as dinners and audio/visual equipment). This Committee shall also be responsible for organizing the Annual Seminar.

E.5.2: MEMBERSHIP COMMITTEE: This Committee shall recruit qualified individuals for membership in the Chapter and for Society membership. This Committee shall also extend a welcome letter to new Chapter members.

E.5.3: PUBLICATIONS COMMITTEE: This Committee shall publish the Chapter's quarterly publication, Firebrand, and shall maintain liaison with the Publications Committee of the Society. This Committee may disseminate to the Chapter members, information on new developments, products, and applications in fire protection. This Committee shall publish such other material as deemed advisable by the Board.

E.5.4: PUBLIC RELATIONS: This Committee shall establish and maintain personal contacts with local mass communications media, including newspapers, industry publications, and safety publications. It shall actively promote newsworthy occurrences in the Chapter and in coordination with the various Chapter committees.

E.5.5: SPEAKERS BUREAU: This Committee shall establish and maintain a list of Chapter volunteers who are qualified to give talks on fire protection subjects. This Committee shall actively promote its speakers for access and use by regional civic and professional organizations.

E.5.6: EDUCATION: This Committee shall promote the transfer of modern theory, principles, and practices to current and prospective fire protection engineers, allied professionals, and others. This Committee shall also actively promote fire protection engineering careers among area high school and college students.

E.5.7: COOPERATION WITH OTHER SOCIETIES: This Committee shall arrange for having the Chapter join in suitable cooperative activities with other societies, such as local professional groups of architects, safety engineers, and engineers in other fields. It may interchange Chapter newsletters with other societies, invite their representatives to Chapter meetings, and arrange for Chapter representatives to be invited to their meetings. Joint meetings and other activities are encouraged. This Committee shall also establish and promote cooperation between the fire service and the fire protection engineering profession in seeking solutions to the mutual problems of life safety, fire prevention, and fire protection.

E.5.8: PROFESSIONAL PRACTICE: This Committee shall advocate the development and application of engineering principles with integrity, objectivity, and technical quality. This includes, but is not limited to, support of Chapter activities in the development of codes and standards, active encouragement of the use of fire protection engineers, preparation of NCEE examination problems, and promoting Professional Engineering registration among members. This Committee shall also keep abreast of legislation on fire safety and engineering matters and shall recommend possible action to the Board. The chairperson of the Committee shall serve as the Chapter's coordinator for the preparation of problems for the Fire Protection Engineering Registration examination.

E.5.9: AUDIT: This Committee shall audit the Treasurer's books, verify the balance, and certify as to the accounts at the close of each Chapter year. It shall report to the membership at the first meeting of the Chapter year.

E.5.10: AWARDS: This Committee shall develop Chapter award selection procedures and criteria for approval by the Board, publicize Chapter award opportunities, nominate individuals for Chapter awards, and shall nominate individuals for the various SFPE National awards. Once nominations have been approved by the Board, this Committee shall be responsible for preparing the supporting documentation (where appropriate) and for acquiring symbols of recognition.

E.5.11: LONG RANGE PLANNING. This Committee shall annually review and update, if necessary, the Long-Range Plan of the Chapter. At the beginning of each Chapter Year, the Committee shall prepare a statement of goals and objectives for presentation to the Board and to the Chapter.

E.5.12: RESEARCH APPLICATIONS. This Committee shall identify priority needs and support projects that may lead to new and improved fire protection engineering principles and shall communicate these priority needs to the Chapter and to the Research Committee of the Society. This Committee shall also be responsible for monitoring new research findings, encouraging translation of research results for use by practicing engineers, and communicating modern technology to the Chapter.

E.5.13: CORPORATE SPONSORSHIP. This Committee shall be responsible for the administration of the Chapter's Corporate Sponsorship Program. This program is designed to generate additional income for programming and educational activities of the Chapter.


F.1: Notice of Chapter and special meetings shall be mailed to the Members and NEC Members of the Chapter at least twenty days before such meeting.

F.2: The President may call a meeting of the Chapter at any time or shall call a meeting upon written request of five Members of the Chapter. Such request and a notice of every meeting shall state the object for which it is called and no subject not stated in the notice thereof shall be acted on at a meeting.


G.1: The annual service fee for all individuals maintained on the roster and mailing list of the Chapter shall be forty dollars ($40.00).

G.2: Honorary Members and Student Members shall be accorded the privileges of Member without payment of the annual service fee.

G.3: The President, the First Vice-President, the Second Vice-President, the Secretary, and the Treasurer shall be the only Members of the Chapter authorized to draw funds from the Chapter accounts.

G.4: Disbursements of Chapter operating funds that do not exceed five hundred dollars ($500.00) shall require only one authorized signature. Disbursements of Chapter operating funds that exceed five hundred dollars ($500.00) shall require two separate authorized signatures.

G.5: Transfer or disbursement of funds in any amount from the A. L. Brown Fund shall require two (2) separate authorized signatures.


H.1: Amendments to these Bylaws may be proposed in writing at any meeting. Amendments shall become valid upon majority vote of the Chapter.

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